CCYBSA Updates on Coronavirus

UpdatedWednesday March 18, 2020 byGreg Riggs.

CCYBSA Registered Players and Families (and hopefully soon to be registered players and families),


The CCYBSA is closely monitoring the impact of the Coronavirus/COVID-19 while continuing to plan for the 2020 season, and we are committed to keeping you, the players and family members safe. The CCYBSA has determined that we will continue to follow the same procedures and safeguards as the Eastern Carver County School District, as well as the City of Carver. Both organizations are following the guidelines sent out by the CDC and the MN Dept of Health.


Some Key Changes/Pauses during this Pre-Season timeframe:


Community (In-House) Baseball and Softball Try-On Date – The CCYBSA has made the decision to not hold a try-on for the Community Baseball and Softball Players for the 2020 Season. Shirt/Uniform top sizes was collected during the registration process and will be used to order your players shirt when the time comes. A website link will be provided in the future to order your pants through our preferred vendor.


CCYBSA Player Clinics for K-5th Grade Community Players – The CCYBSA was busy planning on holding 2 Clinic dates for players to work on key skills for the upcoming season. The Clinic dates are tentatively set for Saturday, April 18th and Sunday, April 26th at Carver Elementary. At this time, the CCYBSA will follow the guidance of the School District and their rental policy.  This means we may not be able to hold the clinics when scheduled. More communications will follow (in early April), and the CCYBSA will keep everyone informed on whether they will take place or not.


CCYBSA Registrations – We would like to remind everyone that registrations for the Community Baseball/Softball programs and for the T-Ball program are still open (please register at ). If you haven’t registered yet for the 2020 season or know of anyone who hasn’t registered yet, we encourage you to register soon.  This helps the CCYBSA  plan, begin to look at forming teams, and order the appropriate uniforms for all players.


The CCYBSA will continue to provide updates to you all.  We wish you and your family  continued  health and safety while we all face this pandemic.


Thank you


CCYBSA Leadership